Wayne County Eclipse Glasses Now Available at the
Old National Road Welcome Center

Wayne County Eclipse Glasses Now Available at the Old National Road Welcome Center


Logos and Graphics

The Solar Eclipse Task Force has created a variety of logos and graphics to promote the total solar eclipse in Wayne County. These graphics are free to use to promote the total solar eclipse. You may download them for your personal or commercial use. 

Feel free to use the artwork on your own printed souvenir items, add the logo to your website or social media, articles, or any other use. If you use the logo on your website, please add a link back to richmondsolareclipse.com. 

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Brochures and Infographics

Eye Safetyand Eclipse Glasses

A solar filter must be used even with a camera or telescope, permanent eye damage can occur without this equipment.

When purchasing and using a Solar filter or eclipse glasses, they should meet ISO12312-2 specifications.

For total eclipses, only: You may ONLY remove the solar eclipse glasses or eclipse viewers during the
totality portion of the eclipse.

Children should be supervised carefully.

Don’t take unnecessary chances. The eye does not have pain receptors. While you may feel discomfort, you do not feel pain when damage is occurring. That’s why it is vital to observe safely and follow these rules! Some damage is temporary and may go away in minutes, hours, or even days. Other types of damage are permanent.

Glasses should be purchased well in advance of the eclipse.  Look for labels indicating they meet ISO12312-2 specifications.

Glasses Suppliers

American Paper Optics
Rainbow Symphony

Business Resources

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